Ferries and Cruises Between Sweden and Poland

There are many passenger and cargo ferries connecting Poland to Sweden. Crossing between Poland and Sweden on a ferry is much faster than overland via Denmark. Important ferry ports in Poland are Gdansk, Gdynia and Świnoujście. In Sweden, ferries cross to Poland from Trelleborg, Ystad, Karlskrona, Nynäshamn (Stockholm) and Malmö ports. Bear in mind that some ferries between Poland and Sweden are only for passengers travelling with vehicles.

Sweden is well-connected to Poland by ferries, with routes connecting major swedish and polish ports.
Sweden is well-connected to Poland by ferries, with routes connecting major swedish and polish ports.

Facts + Figures

Active Ferry Routes 4+ (See Below)
Major Ferry Operators 5 - Polferries, Unity Line, TT-Line, Stena Line, Finnlines (See Below)
Crossings per Day 16+

Ferry Routes

Route Note
Ystad to Świnoujście Operated by Unity Line and Polferries with multiple departures in each direction each day. A viable alternative to reaching Germany from Sweden, as Świnoujście is located on the border with Germany.
Malmö to Świnoujście A new ferry route as of 2024, operated by Finnlines with 1-2 ferries per day in each direction.
Nynäshamn (Stockholm) to Gdańsk Operated by Polferries, this is the only route connecting Poland to the Stockholm area. Nynäshamn is a mere 50km south of Stockholm.
Trelleborg to Świnoujście TT-Line connects Trelleborg to Świnoujście with multiple departures each day. The total crossing time is 6-7 hours.
Karlskrona to Gdynia Stena Line connects Karlskrona to Gdynia and the larger 'Tricity' region of Poland. 2-3 departures are offered each day with an overnight option usually offered as well.

Ferry Operators

There are a minimum of five ferry operators offering ferries between Poland and Sweden. The current ferry operators between Sweden and Poland are Unity Line, Polferries, TT-Line, Stena Line and Finnlines. The Polish ferry operators (Unity Line and Polferries) have a strong hold on the market, but others are available as well. In regard to the conditions onboard, you will find a large range depending on the route and ship offered. There is a large amount of cargo traffic going between Sweden and mainland Europe, so you will see a heavy focus on the truck drivers and cargo customers.

Other Baltic Ferry Routes

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