Ferries and Cruises Between Latvia and Sweden

Despite having a rich maritime history, there is currently only one ferry connecting Latvia and Sweden. From Ventspils in Latvia, there is a 2-3x daily ferry to Nynäshamn in Sweden. Ventspils is around 170km (100 miles) to the west of the capital of Latvia, Riga. In Sweden, Nynäshamn is directly south of Stockholm, around 50km. The ferry operates 2-3 times daily with an overnight departure always available. If traveling between Latvia and Sweden by car or foot, this ferry is likely the only possibility.

Map showing the current ferries between Latvia and Sweden
Map showing the current ferries between Latvia and Sweden

Alternative Ferry Routes

As of 2024, the only other options to get from Latvia to Sweden by car would be to travel via Klaipedia, Lithuania to Karlshamn, Sweden, or to drive to Tallinn or Paldiski (Estonia) and travel to Stockholm from there. Ferries between the Latvian capital of Riga and Stockholm have happened in the past, but currently there are none.

Facts + Figures

Active Ferry Routes 1 (See below)
Major Ferry Operators 1 - Stena Line (See Below)
Crossings per Day 1-2 crossings per day in each direction

Ferry Routes

Route Note
Ventspils to Nynäshamn (near Stockholm) The only current ferry route between Latvia and Sweden. Operated by Stena Line with 2-3 departures per day in each direction, depending on the season. Nynäshamn is located approximately 50km south of Stockholm.

Ferry Operators

Stena Line is the sole operator of ferries out of Latvia. Stena Line is a large ferry company with a huge variation in ships and onboard experiences. You won’t have as many onboard activities like ferry operators from Finland and Estonia, however it will still be suitable.

Other Baltic Ferry Routes

Finding Ferry Tickets

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