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Ferry from Turku to Stockholm Trip Information

Map showing ferry route from Turku to Stockholm

Ferries regularly go from Turku to Stockholm, with most also making a brief stop in the Åland Islands. Many ferries depart from Turku Harbour, while some (e.g. operated by Finnlines) depart from Naantali, just a few kilometers from Turku itself. Ferries between Turku and Stockholm are operated by Viking Line, Tallink-Silja, and Finnlines.

From Port To Port Departure Time Arrival Time Operator
Turku Harbour Stockholm (Stadsgården) Port 08:45 18:55 Viking Line Book Trip
Turku Harbour Stockholm (Värtahamnen) Port 20:15 06:10 Tallink Silja Book Trip
Turku Harbour Stockholm (Stadsgården) Port 20:55 06:30 Viking Line Book Trip

Ferry from Turku to Stockholm Trip Statistics

Average Trip Duration 10:39
Departure City Turku, Finland
Arrival City Stockholm, Sweden
Ferry Operators Finnlines, Tallink Silja, Viking Line

Alternate Ferry Route: Helsinki → Stockholm

From Turku to Stockholm, consider the alternate ferry route Helsinki to Stockholm instead. Helsinki is a mere two hours from Turku by train.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can bring your vehicle or motorcycle to all ferries listed on FerryScan. Please note that vehicle space is limited, and often sells out well before passenger seats. We have a limited selection of vehicle types on FerryScan, however you can always contact us to get any vehicle booked.

The price you pay on FerryScan is the price you will pay booking directly with any operator. If you notice a price higher on FerryScan compared to the operator, we will match the operator's price. FerryScan earns a small commission of each sale from the ferry operator, however this commission is not added into our prices.

We have limited support for online bookings with pets at the moment. Please contact us for bookings with pets, we would be happy to help you.

Almost all ferries have cabins onboard available for purchase. Some routes (often overnight) require a cabin, which is included in your ticket. You can always upgrade your cabin for extra money. The cheapest cabins are usually in the bottom of the ship near the engines. We suggest trying to avoid these at all costs, especially during the winter when there are rough seas.

On Baltic Sea ferries, there are generally a lot of activities to choose from. There are many restaurants, bars, cafes and shopping. On larger ships you can also find night clubs, spas and theaters.

Ferry Ports in Turku

Ferry ports in Turku that have regular passenger and vehicle ferry traffic.

Ferry Ports in Stockholm

Ferry ports in Stockholm that have regular passenger and vehicle ferry traffic.

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