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Why us?

We built FerryScan, a site used by tens of thousands of people in 25 languages to find trips and information in the Baltic Sea. Now that we've finished our work and shown what we can do, we are ready to help you with your projects.

Our team has 20 years of experience building professional software in the travel and e-commerce spaces and we are quick to adapt to new technologies and changing best practices to build competitive products at a fair cost.

Whether you want to make your website ChatGPT ready, add a few new features, or expand to new countries, we are the right team to help you do that quickly and on-budget. We won't overbuild or build with hard to hire for tools, we will just solve your problems at the lowest total cost of ownership.

How we can help you acheive your goals

1) Backend development in Java (Spring or J2EE), Node.js, Django, or Ruby on Rails

2) Frontend development in Angular, Vue.js, or React

3) Containerization of your application and deployment

4) AWS and Azure Cloud development

5) Code auditing and help with test automation

6) Internationalization/translating your product and multi-lingual sales

7) Marketing/SEO analysis - we will offer all the ways we've learned to lower your cost of customer acquisition and keep you competitive in the marketplace


There is no project too small. We care about results and finding a sustainable tech solution, not pushing you to use our favorite language or vendor. No bullshit.

Fair rates - 80 USD per hour, 10% discount per month, 15% discount on projects 3 months or longer.

Prepayment required until we've build a payment history, then post paid work is possible.

Let's start!

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