About FerryScan

The name FerryScan comes from "Ferry Scandinavia" and represents our main goal: to be the main resource for ferry information, news, and tickets in the Baltic Sea. We believe that by focusing only on one region, we gurantee that we are the most knowledgeable and useful partner for your ferry journey. Afterall, taking a ferry is not the same everywhere in the world.

We don't sell you more than you need, and tell you honestly what is happening. We don't engage in creating fake reviews or using scam tactics, we're here for the long game and we want you to trust us on journeys for years to come.

Business Information

FerryScan is a project from Port Zero Ventures, a company focused on using technology to solve problems in the transportation industry.

Port Zero Ventures, and by extension FerryScan, is a registered business in the United States of America. If you are a European customer, you will likely interact with Port Zero Baltic OÜ, our Estonian subsidiary.

Our Team

FerryScan is a fully remote company, with most folks working from either Europe or America. We thrive as a remote team because we are like our customers - from many countries around the world!

Our Story

2017 - While completing his graduate studies in Finland at the University of Helsinki, Peter Goetsch and visiting long-time friend Westley Bonack decide to take a trip across the Gulf of Finland to Estonia. They then proceed to Stockholm, again by ferry. On the way, they realize that unless you are a local, there are not any trustworthy resources for ferry schedules and tickets in the Baltic Sea. From this, an idea is born.

2018 - Peter and Westley form Port Zero Ventures, and development on FerryScan begins. A simple proof-of-concept is launched in the autumn.

2020 - FerryScan has steady growth, bringing on core ferry partners such as Viking Line, Tallink-Silja and Finnlines.

2021 - Despite major headwinds from COVID-19, we continue to build core features into the application and bring on more core partners such as Eckerö Line and Stena Line.

2022 - We opened a business in Estonia, Port Zero Baltic OÜ, to better serve our EU-based customers.

2023 - FerryScan continues to grow, adding DFDS Seaways and Polferries as core partners.

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