About FerryScan

FerryScan was built by a small, passionate company started in Wisconsin, United States of America by avid travelers - 40+ countries between us! We love seeing new places and think travel should be convenient, use the latest technology, and be more honest.

Who We Are

Our founders, Peter Goetsch and Westley Bonack, built FerryScan to help people find the best travel options in the Baltic Sea and provide helpful information to help you book the trip you need.

We don't sell you more than you need, and tell you honestly what is happening. We don't engage in creating fake reviews or using scam tactics, we're here for the long game and we want you to trust us on journeys for years to come.

Our Team

Peter and Westley run the day to day operations, programming, and sales.

Bill, Alyona, Anne, and Valentin help with marketing, support, and translations, and all the heavy lifting behind the scenes that gives you FerryScan.

Why We Created FerryScan

We saw a real gap between up to date data and information on booking ferries and we saw great ferry operators missing from other sites searches. We knew we could make it easier for you to book, while providing you with more information. We're passionate about ferries and would love to open up this transportation medium more so more people can enjoy the beautiful sights and comfortable journeys ferries provide. Maybe we'll even see you on your next trip!

The Future

Booking ferries is unfortunately not as convenient as booking an airline ticket and the information is not transparent, but we think we can change that. Ferries are very convenient, often faster than short flights, and much more comfortable than flying or driving. You can change your ticket much more easily and there are many trips, sometimes every few hours on popular routes, compared to the same routes with an airline.

Thanks for visiting us and we hope you continue to help us build the future of travel.

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