About FerryScan

FerryScan exists to provide you with all the information when looking to book your trips via passenger ferry in the Baltic Sea. Other sites may funnel you to their highest grossing referrals or a limited number of providers whose data was easy to find. Our team has done hours of research so you don't have to.

We aim to be a one-stop information and booking hub for Ferry tickets because we want you to be informed about your choices and not sold a convenient trip for someone else. Our team takes these ferries regularly and is contiually gathering information to make your trip as enjoyable and as smooth as possible.

Why did we make Ferry Scan?

We saw a real gap between up to date data and information on booking ferries and we saw great ferry operators missing from other sites searches. We knew we could make it easier for you to book, while providing you with more information. We're passionate about ferries and would love to open up this transportation medium more so more people can enjoy the beautiful sights and comfortable journeys ferries provide. Maybe we'll even see you on your next trip!

FerryScan was developed by Port Zero Ventures. We're really passionate about providing excellent transportation tech solutions and seamlessly pulling together data with an excellent user experience. You can learn more about us at the Port Zero Ventures website

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