Ferries and Cruises Between Sweden and Estonia

There are regular passenger and cargo ferries from the Stockholm area to the Estonian ports of Tallinn and Paldiski. Ferries from Stockholm depart from the city center, as well as the nearby port of Kapellskär. Kapellskär is around 90km to the north of Stockholm itself. All ferries from Paldiski require a vehicle (a bike is also considered a vehicle as well). For passengers without a vehicle, there is an option operated by Tallink-Silja from the center of Stockholm to Tallinn directly. Other ferry operators have offered a route from Stockholm - Tallinn on a seasonal basis (such as Viking Line), though right now Tallink-Silja is the only option.

There are multiple routes from Tallinn and Paldiski to the Stockholm area in Sweden.
There are multiple routes from Tallinn and Paldiski to the Stockholm area in Sweden.

Facts + Figures

Active Ferry Routes 2 - See Below
Major Ferry Operators 3 - DFDS Seaways, Viking Line, Tallink Silja (See Below)
Crossings per Day 3

Ferry Routes

Route Note Booking Info
Kapellskär to Paldiski Operated by DFDS and Tallink-Silja for cargo trucks, and passengers with vehicles. This ferry route is convenient for those travelling with vehicles because the towns of Paldiski and Kapellskär are located well outside of Tallinn and Stockholm.
Stockholm to Tallinn Operated year-round by Tallink-Silja and occasionally by Viking Line, also by seasonal demand. Ferries from Stockholm to Tallinn usually make a brief stop in the Åland islands. As of writing this ferry operates every-other day, though in the summer the frequency is usually daily.

Ferry Operators

You will find that the ferry options from Tallinn and Stockholm will be the most comfortable from a passenger perspective. However depending what you are looking for (such as truck drivers), the no-frills cargo ferries departing from Paldiski and Kapellskär may be preferable.


How many ferries are there between Sweden and Estonia?

There are two main routes between Sweden and Estonia: from Stockholm to Tallinn, and from Kapellskär to Paldiski. Both Kapellskär and Paldiski are very near to the capitals of Stockholm and Tallinn.

Is there a ferry from Stockholm to Tallinn?

There is currently one ferry from Stockholm to Tallinn directly, operated by Tallink-Silja. Other operators such as Viking Line offer this route from time to time.

From Estonia, which ferry operators go to Sweden?

From Estonia there are currently three ferry operators going to Sweden: DFDS, Viking Line and Tallink-Silja. Keep in mind that the operators do change based upon the season and demand.

Other Baltic Ferry Routes

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