Viking Line ferry approaching Åland islands.

List of Ferry Operators in the Baltic Sea

There are at least 10 ferry operators in the Baltic Sea offering passenger and vehicle transport. There are many routes in the Baltic Sea, and many operators serving these. One unique aspect of the Baltic Sea, is that the smallest operators can compete with the largest on some routes.

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Last Updated 2020-04-15

DFDS Seaways

DFDS Seaways is part of DFDS, a huge shipping and logistics company headquartered in Denmark. DFDS Seaways operates many passenger and cargo ferries throughout the Baltic, North Sea, and English Channel.

Logo of DFDS Seaways

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Eckerö Line

Eckerö Line (not to be confused with Eckerölinjen) is a Helsinki-based ferry company that offers a single ferry, M/S Finlandia, between Helsinki and Tallinn. Despite the relatively small size of Eckerö Line, it still remains a consistent and affordable connection between Helsinki and Tallinn. Eckerö Line also operates Finbo Cargo, a cargo-only (or passengers with vehicles) ferry between Helsinki (Vuosaari) port and Tallinn (Muuga) port.

Logo of Eckerö Line

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Eckerö Linjen

Eckerö Linjen (not to be confused with Eckerö Line) is an Åland-based ferry company that offers a single ferry between Eckerö (Åland) and Grisslehamn (Sweden).

Logo of Eckerö Linjen

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Finnlines is a Helsinki-based ferry company and the only company to connect Helsinki with Germany (Lübeck or Travemünde) by ferry. Finnlines also offers connections between Germany and Sweden (Malmö), as well as Sweden (Stockholm) to Finland (Naantali or Turku). Finnlines is a part of the Italian Grimaldi Group.

Logo of Finnlines

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St. Peter Line

St. Peter Line operates a circular route through the Baltic Sea, most notably connecting Finland (Helsinki) with Russia (Saint Petersburg) and is one of the few options for "visa-free" access (72 hour) to Russia from Europe.

Logo of St. Peter Line

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Stena Line

Stena Line is a large ferry operator in Northern Europe. They offer ferries between the British Isles, Mainland Europe, and Scandinavia. In the Baltic Sea, Stena Line offers routes between Latvia, Sweden, Poland, Germany, and Denmark.

Logo of Stena Line

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TT-Line is a major player in the Southern Baltic, linking Germany with Poland, Lithuania and Sweden at high frequencies.

Logo of TT-Line

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Tallink Silja

Tallink Silja is a Tallinn-based ferry company and one of the largest ferry operators in the Baltic Sea. They have a modern fleet of ships and connect mostly Eastern-Baltic destinations, i.e. Sweden, Finland, Åland Islands, Estonia, Latvia etc.

Logo of Tallink Silja

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Viking Line

Viking Line is a Finnish ferry company and one of the largest operators in the Baltic Sea. Viking Line has a fleet of modern ships and runs routes between Sweden, Åland, Estonia, and Finland.

Logo of Viking Line

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Wasaline operates the world's most northern passenger ferry, linking Finland's Vaasa with Umeå in Sweden. They offer a unique onboard selection compared to other Baltic ferry operators, and can be a good choice linking central Finland with Sweden.

Logo of Wasaline

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