The Ferry Trip Baggage Checklist

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Want to know what to pack before boarding a ferry? Here is the FerryScan checklist. There are a few important things to bring before you take your ferry trip. We’ll walk you through what to remember:

1) Bring your passport or valid travel document such as your driver\'s license or citizenship ID. Make sure that you have the appropriate visa ready (you might have to go to an embassy).

COVID-19 is still causing a lot of restrictions, make sure you have any tests or documents ready so you can enter smoothly.

2) Bring the appropriate currency for your trip. Your operator will tell you what payments are accepted but generally Visa, Mastercard, and the currency of the departing and arriving country are accepted. Sometimes you can even exchange currencies on the ship but it might not be the best exchange rate.

  • We recommend 50€ per passenger so you can eat the delicious all you can eat buffet, buy some alcohol or cigarettes duty free if you so indulge, and buy any items you forget in the ship store. I’ve forgotten bottle openers and toothpaste before but they often have much more for your convenience. Be aware that these items are more expensive on the ferry so if you can buy it beforehand you will save some money

3) If you are taking a car, bring your vehicle’s registration and driver’s license, and don’t forget an international driver’s permit in case you meet the police on your onward journey. Some countries might require a customs deposit which can be quite large, so don’t forget to check the border procedures for the country you are entering. Also make sure you are legally allowed to drive in the destination country!

4) Don't forget you'll need to sleep! It is likely you will have a very long day of seeing the sights when you arrive so make sure you are ready to sleep. I would recommend earplugs for any overexcitable drunk neighbors and an eye mask if you have a cabin with a window. If things get bad, ask your neighbor politely if they can party somewhere else or get the ship's staff involved.

Make a list!

Our List Includes:

Toothpaste Passport
Toothbrush Photocopies of passport and visas if you lose your passport
Shampoo Drivers license with IDP (International Driver's Permit) if necessary
Hair conditioner Debit card (calling the bank before travel abroad)
Hair dryer Cash - Euros or local currency
Soap or body wash Clothes
Earplugs Water (or money for water)
Eye mask Food (or money for food)
Entertainment - Books, iPad, Laptop, Music, or Podcasts Printed tickets + information on onward journey for easy border crossing

Keep the contact number of a ferry provider printed on your ticket or FerryScan in your phone/wallet for last minute questions!

We hope this helps you remember important items you might have forgotten otherwise. Be sure to come back to this page to make sure you didn’t forget the basics and let us know if we forgot something at [email protected].

Thanks and happy sailing!

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