The Fastest Ferry from Stockholm to Helsinki

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The capitals of Finland and Sweden are well connected by passenger ferry services. The distance between Stockholm and Helsinki is approximately 250 miles or 400km, making it a nice overnight trip. It is very common to visit Helsinki from Stockholm over the weekend. For example, departing Stockholm on Friday evening, arriving in Helsinki Saturday morning, and then departing Helsinki Saturday evening and arriving back in Stockholm on Sunday morning. The same type of trip is common from Helsinki to Stockholm. If you live in Stockholm or Helsinki, this trip is an affordable way to escape for a weekend.

Stockholm and Helsinki are only around 400km (250 miles) apart.
Stockholm and Helsinki are only around 400km (250 miles) apart.

Finland and Sweden are well-connected by ferries. Many Finnish and Swedish people alike enjoy ferries, particularly for the opportunity to shop duty-free / tax-free onboard. Prices for certain items can be particularly good compared to on land. For this reason, many "mini cruises" operate from Stockholm, which sail for a day around the Stockholm Archipelago before returning to Stockholm.

How Long is the Ferry from Stockholm to Helsinki?

The ferry crossing between Stockholm and Helsinki is between 16 and 17 hours

How Many Ferries go Between Stockholm and Helsinki?

There are three regularly scheduled passenger ferries between Stockholm and Helsinki. Since the distance is relatively far, the ships large, and competition low, there aren't so many ferries going direct between Stockholm and Helsinki (like, for example between Helsinki and Tallinn, or North Germany and Denmark). It is a stretch to call these ships ferries anymore, because they are all capable of holding 2-3 thousand people and include an extensive selection of cabins and onboard entertainment like saunas, dance clubs, and live performances. They are closer to cruise ships than ferries.

Option 1: Tallink-Silja M/S Silja Symphony + SerenadeBook on FerryScan

Operator Logo of Tallink Silja
Duration 15:45 actual (+1h timezone)
Departures per Day 1
Stockholm Port Värtahamnen
Helsinki Port South Harbor Olympia Terminal
Stop(s) Mariehamn

Tallink-Silja operates a year-round once-daily ferry between Stockholm and Helsinki, stopping briefly in the Åland Islands. They have two similar ships, M/S Silja Symphony and M/S Silja Serenade, which are among the largest operating in the Baltic Sea. The crossing takes 15 hours and 45 minutes.

Option 2: Viking LineBook on FerryScan

Operator Logo of Viking Line
Duration 15:40 actual (+1h timezone)
Departures per Day 1
Stockholm Port Stadsgården
Helsinki Port Katajanokka
Stop(s) Mariehamn

Viking Line has a service basically the same to that of Tallink-Silja. Departing each evening at 16:30, they briefly stop in Mariehamn before continuing to Helsinki and arriving at 10:10 the next morning. The total travel time is 15 hours 40 minutes, making it the fastest current crossing between Stockholm and Helsinki. The ships on this route are equally large and well-stocked for a nice evening.

Option 3: St. Peter Line M/S Princess AnastasiaBook on FerryScan

Operator Logo of St. Peter Line
Duration 16:00 actual (+1h timezone)
Departures per Day 1 (per week, roughly, see St. Peter Line's rotating schedule)
Stockholm Port Frihamnen
Helsinki Port West Harbour (T1)
Stop(s) -

It is little known, however St. Peter Line has an almost-once-weekly service between Stockholm and Helsinki. The trip is one hour slower than the others, taking 16 hours total. The ship, M/S Princess Anastasia is quite large (holding around 2500 pasengers), and has a similar set of services onboard like you'll find with Viking Line and Tallink Silja. Fares on this ship can be cheaper though, especially if travelling on the off-peak season.

Other Ferries Between Sweden and Finland

Many ferries depart various ports in and around Stockholm to the Åland Islands, and some continue onwards to Turku/Naantali. There is also a ferry from Umeå, nearly 600km north of Stockholm, to Vaasa in Finland.


Unlike some other routes (e.g. Helsinki to Tallinn), there isn't a huge difference in the travel time between ferry operators between Stockholm and Helsinki. With Viking Line and Tallin Silja, you will spend around 15 hours on board, whereas with St. Peter Line you will have an extra hour. These trips are always done overnight, and the small differences between the operators is not very apparent.

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