Overnight Cruises Between Helsinki and Tallinn

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Around 80km (50 miles) of the Baltic Sea separate Finland’s capital of Helsinki with Estonia’s capital of Tallinn. There are two options to cover this distance: plane and ferry. Since there is a lot of extra time associated with going to the airport, checking in, sitting on the runway, etc., it is generally accepted that ferry is the best method of transport between these two cities. For full coverage of the ferry options between Helsinki and Tallinn, refer to our write-up done earlier. Here we would like to cover the overnight options between Helsinki and Tallinn.

Looking onto the city center of Tallinn from its largest passenger port.
Looking onto the city center of Tallinn from its largest passenger port.

Why Overnight?

The usual ferry is 2-3 hours, so why go any slower? More than anything, these ferries are for repositioning, which means moving them to prepare for the next day. As a result, fares are generally quite low and this can attract budget-conscious travellers looking to make the crossing. If you are only passing through Helsinki or Tallinn, it may be cheaper just to book an overnight onboard, compared to in the city.

Furthermore, those making longer car or cargo drives between Finland and Estonia can use the overnight option as a way to refresh for a new day of driving. Depending on your travel plans, an overnight ferry might be just what you need.

Option 1: Tallink Silja - Star and Tallink Silja Europa

From Helsinki to Tallinn, the Silja Europa departs Helsinki each day at 18:30, arriving in Tallinn 3.5h later. You have the option to stay on board for the night and depart in the morning from 8:00. The Silja Europa is part of Tallink Silja’s 22h cruise, although it is possible to book it as a one-way trip.

In the other direction, from Tallinn to Helsinki, you can book Tallink Silja’s Star ferry each night. The Star’s departure time from Tallinn is generally 20:30 or 22:30, arriving in Helsinki three hours later. Again, here you have the option to stay on board for the night.

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Option 2: Viking Line - XPRS and Rosella

From Helsinki to Tallinn, it is possible with Viking Line to book a night on board. The schedule is a little erratic, however generally you can book a night on board the Viking XPRS or Rosella ships, departing Helsinki around 20:30 in the evening.

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Option 3: Finbo Cargo (With Vehicle Only)

With the introduction of cargo (vehicle) ferries between Helsinki (Vuosaari) and Tallinn (Muuga), it is possible to book a trip overnight between Tallinn and Helsinki with Finbo Cargo (part of Eckerö Line). Currently, an overnight is possible on departures at 23:30 for each day except Friday. To book this ferry, you need to bring along a vehicle (truck, car, motorcycle etc). Note that Vuosaari Port and Muuga Port are both more than 10km from the centers of Helsinki and Tallinn, respectively.

Online booking for Finbo services is coming soon.

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