Ferries Between Finland and Estonia

Many ferries cross the Baltic Sea between Finland and Estonia, making it one of the most busy stretches of sea in the world. The major route, linking Helsinki with Tallinn, is one of the largest in the Baltic Sea, and certainly the largest between the two countries. It is also possible to cross between Hanko and Paldiski, as well as Mariehamn (Åland). There are five ferry operators currently making the crossing between Finland and Estonia, each offering something different for the passenger.

Finland and Estonia are separated by about 80km of the Baltic Sea.
Finland and Estonia are separated by about 80km of the Baltic Sea.

Facts + Figures

Active Routes 3 (See Below)
Major Operators 5 - Viking Line, Tallink-Silja, Eckerö Line, DFDS and St. Peter Line (See Below)
Crossings per Day 20+

Ferry Routes

The most popular route, by far, from Finland to Estonia links the capital cities, Helsinki and Tallinn. It is usually more practical to take a ferry than fly between Finland and Estonia, and there are many options to choose from.

Route Note
Mariehamn to Tallinn Operated by Tallink-Silja on route Stockholm to Tallinn via Mariehamn (Åland)
Hanko to Paldiski Operated by DFDS Seaways -- geared towards cargo traffic, though foot passengers allowed
Helsinki to Tallinn The most popular ferry route in the Baltic Sea, with almost hourly departures in the summer. Operated by Viking Line, Tallink-Silja, Eckerö Line and (occasionally) St. Peter Line.
Looking onto the city center of Tallinn from its largest passenger port.
Looking onto the city center of Tallinn from its largest passenger port.

Ferry Operators

There is quite a large variation in ferry operators between Finland and Estonia. There is something there for everyone. For foot passengers, you will find Eckerö Line, Viking Line, and Tallink Silja to be adequate, with large modern ships. In our experience Eckerö Line generally has the cheapest day-of or day-before fares, although St. Peter Line often has deals. If you are travelling between Finland and Estonia frequently, you can become a member of each operator's loyalty club and often get ridiculously cheap tickets (e.g. 1 eur return).

For cargo drivers and those travelling with vehicles, the DFDS crossing between Hanko and Paldiski may be preferred because they are rather small cities and there is less congestion and tourist traffic. Also from Helsinki Vuosaari, Tallink-Silja and Eckerö Line (Finbo Cargo) offer a cargo ferry to Tallinn Muuga Harbour. These ports are outside the city center, and are easier to access than the central ports.

Finding Ferry Tickets

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