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Åland Information

The Åland Islands are an autonomous Swedish-speaking region which is part of Finland, located in a vast archipelago located between the mainland of Finland and Sweden. The Åland Islands serve as a hub for ferries in the Baltic Sea due a loophole allowing tax-free sales oboard ferries to mainland Finland. Ferries from Helsinki and Turku (including Naantali) regularly stop in Mariehamn (daytime arrivals) and Långnäs (nightime arrivals) before going to Stockholm. Ferries also connect from Tallinn and other Baltic Sea cities infrequently. The Åland Islands are a special, tranquil place and we would recommend visiting even for a day.

Passenger Ferry Ports and Terminals in Åland

Åland has the following passenger ferry ports. Click each for more information.

Ferry Routes from Åland

You can reach the following destinations from Åland. Each has at least one regularly-scheduled passenger ferry. Click each city for more information.

Route Frequency Operator Booking Info
Helsinki, Finland - Viking Line, Tallink Silja Search
Stockholm, Sweden - Viking Line, Finnlines, Tallink Silja Search
Tallinn, Estonia - Tallink Silja, Viking Line Search
Turku, Finland - Viking Line, Finnlines, Tallink Silja Search
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